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Les semences la campagnarde



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Bag of 0.5 g of seeds

Tansy is a hardy plant that does not require maintenance. It has pretty little golden yellow buttons. It thrives in poor, well-drained soils and spreads easily. It can be used for making manure to scare away harmful insects, especially aphids. By macerating its leaves and flowers for a few days, we obtain an effective natural insecticide to be sprayed on plants subject to attacks by insect pests.

It is also credited with medicinal properties, particularly for digestive problems and flatulence, and is said to have sudorific properties. However, it contains substances that are extremely toxic to humans and mammals. It should be used in very low doses.

It is recommended that you consult a licensed herbal therapist or other qualified health professional before using therapeutically.

Plant type: perennial

Hardiness Zone: 3

Flower color: golden yellow

Sunshine: Full sun

Flowering period: August to September

Seed germination: 10 to 20 days

Sowing depth: 2 mm

Height: 90cm

Planting instructions: Start indoors in March or direct seed outdoors after the last frosts. Cover the seeds very lightly with potting soil and make sure to keep it moist to promote germination.

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