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Les semences la campagnarde

musk mallow

musk mallow

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Bag of 30 seeds

Musk mallow is not only decorative, but also has medicinal properties. It is an easy-to-grow plant that requires practically no care. It is traditionally used in herbalism for the various properties of its flowers, leaves and roots (softening, digestive, respiratory and urinary). Its flowers are edible.  

It is recommended that you consult a licensed herbal therapist or other qualified health professional before using therapeutically.


Plant type: perennial that self-seeds  

Soil: Any type, well drained  

Flower color: pink  

Sunshine: Full sun or partial shade  

Flowering period: June-July of the 2nd year , sometimes blooms again in September  

Seed germination: 6 to 20 days  

Sowing depth: 2 mm  

Seed spacing: 20 cm  

Height: 60cm  

Planting instructions: Direct seed in May or fall.  

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