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Les semences la campagnarde

Iberis (silver basket)

Iberis (silver basket)

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Bag of 20 seeds

This is a beautiful perennial that produces many delicate white flowers. It spreads quickly and works wonderfully as a ground cover. Persistent and hardy, it effectively colonizes arid places. It is also a friend of browsers.  

Plant type: perennial that self-seeds  

Hardiness zone: 3 to 9  

Flower color: white  

Sunshine: full sun, tolerates partial shade  

Flowering period: spring (May and June)  

Seed germination: 7-21 days  

Seeding depth: 1.5 mm  

Seed spacing: 2.5cm  

Plant width: 40 cm  

Height: 15 to 20cm  

Planting Instructions: Sow seeds directly in the garden once all danger of frost has passed.  

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