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Les semences la campagnarde

Morning Glories President Tyler

Morning Glories President Tyler

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Bag of 25 seeds

Pretty little purple and bluish flowers and heart-shaped leaves, morning glories are fast-growing climbers that will elegantly cover fences, trellises or pergolas. They bloom profusely from July until the first frosts. They are popular with pollinating insects and hummingbirds. The flowers open in the morning, before full sun, then close again. They reseed easily and are very easy to cultivate.  


Plant type: climbing annual that reseeds itself  

Flower color: purple blue  

Soil: rich and well drained  

Sunshine: Full sun  

Flowering period: June until the first frosts  

Seed germination: 14 days  

Seeding depth: 5 mm  

Seed spacing: 30 cm  

Height: 2 to 5 meters (needs a support to climb: trellis, fence, net)  

Planting instructions: Start indoor sowing in mid-April or direct sowing in the garden after frost. Soak 24 hours before to maximize germination.  

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