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Les semences la campagnarde

Mixed Cosmos

Mixed Cosmos

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Bag of 30 seeds

Cosmos offer an abundant bloom of flowers whose colors come in pink, mauve and white with a bright yellow heart. Flowering lasts until frost. Easy to care for, cosmos require little care and tolerate drought well and poor soils. Indeed, they have a clear preference for sandy soils.

In a very rich soil, the foliage will be very abundant, but the flowers much less.

Very pretty in cut flowers, they are also very popular with foragers.

Plant type: annual self-sowing
Hardiness Zone: 8
Flower color: pink, red and white
Sunshine: Full sun
Flowering period: July to September
Seed germination: 10 days
Seeding depth: 5 mm
Seed spacing: 30 cm
Plant width: 30 to 50 cm
Height: 0.6 to 1 m
Planting instructions: Direct sowing in the garden after the last frosts. It is possible to start in indoor sowing and transplant in the garden.

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