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Les semences la campagnarde

red amaranth

red amaranth

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Bag of 10 seeds

Red amaranth is an impressive ornamental plant with its generous flower spikes and its haughty bearing which brings verticality to the beds. Its foliage will not leave you outdone. It is undemanding in care. It likes cool, well-drained soil and a full sun location. When she bends her back, she's thirsty.

In addition to being ornamental, you can eat the leaves when they are still young by preparing them like spinach. The seeds can be eaten like cereal.

Pigweed reseeds itself and grows rapidly once established.

Start sowing indoors in April. Arrange the seeds on the surface and cover them very lightly with potting soil (about 2 mm). Moisten well.

Transplant outdoors 40 cm apart or start direct seeding after the last frosts.

Pinch off young plants if you want to encourage side shoots.

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