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Les semences la campagnarde

Ornamental garlic (Allium)

Ornamental garlic (Allium)

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Bag of 20 bulbils.

Forming a ball about 10 cm in diameter, formed by countless small purple flowers, ornamental garlic does not go unnoticed.

If the flowers are left to dry in place in the fall, they will spread their bulblets and this will ensure the multiplication of the plants. It is a plant much appreciated by bees. Flowering usually begins in June and ends at the end of July.

Do not overwater when sowing, as the seeds then tend to rot.

It may take 2-3 years for the plant to flower , but the wait is worth it.

Be sure to choose a full sun or lightly shaded position. It is essential to have well-drained soil.

Arrange several bulbils close to each other and cover them lightly with soil. Be careful not to water to avoid rotting. Then you will have to be patient, but your waiting will be rewarded. Once the allium flowers and is well established, if you leave the flowers in place, you will enjoy an annual renewal of bloom.

If you prefer to start semi-indoors, do not transplant the seedling until it has reached the size of a pencil.

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